October Birthstone Guide

Those lucky to be born in October get to enjoy two lovely gemstones, opal, and tourmaline, to commemorate their birthday. Both the opal and the tourmaline have boundless color combinations.


Throughout time, writers have described opals in comparison to galaxies, and volcanoes for their magnificent colors. Ancient Romans and Greeks synonymized opals with love and hope- called ‘opalus’ which translates to “precious stone”. Australian White Crystal Opals, otherwise known as milk opals, have a light, white color and offer a spectrum of tame, but vibrant colors.

Opal, the traditional birthstone of October, is a mesmerizing stone with its dramatic galaxy-like appearance. This stone is valued based on the play-of-color present in the stone. Play-of-color is the phenomenon of the colors shifting, representing a rainbow of dancing colors. 


Origin Story:

The opal birthstone can be found in many places. The fields of Australia are the most productive in the world for the October birthstone. Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil are also important sources. Additional deposits have been found in Central Europe, Honduras, Indonesia, Madagascar, Peru, Turkey, and the United States.

Mythological History:

For centuries, civilizations have thought opals to hold a supernatural origin and contain mystical powers. Grecians believed opals gifted wearers the ability of foresight and great protection. It is a symbol of purity, hope, and truth.


Long ago, a Spanish conquistador washed away Brazilian earth from a green tourmaline rejoicing that he had discovered an emerald. For around 300 years, his claim held confusion until scientists recognized that green tourmaline was its own mineral species in the 1800s.

Tourmaline is an alternate October birthstone which means “stone mixed with colors” due to its nature of often being found with multiple colors all in the same crystal. Tourmalines come in many shades with a color palette for every mood.


This October birthstone is most commonly found in Brazil, but it is also mined in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique (among other countries in Africa). California and Maine are historically important producers of fine tourmaline in the United States.

Mythological History

Green tourmaline is said to aid in visualization and provide proper direction and balance. It was once thought to dispel unfavorable fears and enhance rejuvenation to all life forms, even plants! Tourmaline also forms in a wide spectrum of colors!

Photo Credit: Nova Martin via Unsplash.com

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