November Birthstone Guide

The Lore of celestial stones intrigues the mind and allows us to wander afar to another land of possibility and mystery. 

Gemstones hold a high seat throughout history for being admired, not only for their beauty and seemingly indestructible nature- But also for their mysticism, the rank of station symbolism, and their proposed metaphysical properties. 


Traditionally, topaz is known as the original November birthstone, typically Imperial Topaz- even more specifically, orange topaz is THE original. Alas, topaz does come in a myriad of other attractive colors that may fancy you more than the traditional yellowy-orange. Topaz just so happens to be a member of the aluminum silicate family meaning it is one of the hardest of silicate minerals. Topaz is also pleochroic, which means that it can display different colors when held at different angles. 

Origin Story:

The word topaz is of Greek origin, named for a small island in the Red Sea formally known as Topzios and currently known as Zabargad- which in English translates to St. John’s island. Funny story- this island actually never produced topaz! It was once, however, a source of peridot. Peridot has been confused for topaz in the past far before modern-day mineralogy and their classifications.

Mythological History:

Topaz, for thousands of years, was prized antiquity! It was a highly valued stone by the ancient Romans and Greeks. This stone was the symbol of Ra to the Egyptians, and it was also known to be a sacred stone of the Hindu Kalpa tree- in Hindu mythology topaz means HEAT. It has always been said to be a powerful stone- even in the Renaissance period, they believed the stone could break evil spells!

Topaz is still believed to be an energy balancer and bringer of positivity in the holistic world.


Citrine is a member of the quartz family, and believe it or not- natural citrine is VERY rare. Citrine is derived from “citron”, a Latin word commonly used to describe the citrus hue or flavor like that of lemon. Most citrine in circulation isn’t even citrine, it is actually heat-treated Amethyst (also in the quartz family). Citrine also comes in a variety of shades of yellow and is one of the most popular yellow gemstones around- no wonder it was often mistaken for topaz! 

Origin Story:

Citrine was once referred to as “the merchant’s stone” and was claimed to bring the bearer of the stone prosperity. Being in the quartz family, it too possesses the mythical ability to protect the wearer against evils. Citrine was also a favored stone of the Romans for intaglio jewelry.

Mythological History:

Citrine is said to purify the system- meaning it is believed that it helps to detoxify against toxins and will draw out harmful effects of pharmaceuticals. It is known as the “healing quartz”.

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