March Birthstone Guide

Aquamarine, blue in color, is considered the stone of the sea, for its name translates to “ocean and water” in Latin. Sailors have been known to wear aquamarine amulets to ward off the unwanted calls of the mythical sea sirens. 


Aquamarine shows hues from light blue with hints of green to a deep green-blue mimicking the color of the sea. They say the perfect shade of aquamarine will completely disappear when held under the Agean sea. 

Origin Story:

The word aquamarine hails from the Latin word for seawater. Not only is aquamarine the birthstone for March, but it is also the traditional 19th wedding anniversary gift. A famous aquamarine can be found at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York. This famous aquamarine was gifted to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1936 by the government of Brazil. Brazil has been a reliable source of aquamarine for two consecutive centuries. Pakistan is also a source of aquamarine, mined in the Karakorum foothills.

Mythological History:

Ancient mariner lore says that sailors would be safe at sea if they wore an aquamarine amulet. Aquamarine is also said to promote marital happiness. Aquamarine is beryl, and beryl was thought to offer protection in battle, warding off enemies and making the wearer fast to think and fast to act- seemingly unconquerable.

The Lore of celestial stones intrigues the mind and allows us to wander afar to another land of possibility and mystery. 

Gemstones hold a high seat throughout history for being admired, not only for their beauty and seemingly indestructible nature- But also for their mysticism, the rank of station symbolism, and their proposed metaphysical properties.

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