July Birthstone Guide

Rubies are considered the stone of “powerful feelings”, symbolizing loyalty, achievement, and good fortune. Ruby is also the birthstone for July.


Ruby is by far one of the most desired gemstones in the world. The word ruby is derived from the word ruber- a Latin word meaning “red”. The color red has been associated with the color of passion and love for centuries. Rubies are eye-catching with their deep red, sometimes purple-like appearance. The deep red-purple rubies are known as “pigeon’s blood” rubies. Rubies are in the conundrum family of minerals and get their color from trace amounts of chromium. The darker the red, the more chromium that is present.

Origin Story:

One of the oldest recorded locations for ruby discovery is Burma, now known as Myanmar. Myanmar has been the leading producer of the most sought-after vibrant red rubies in the world for more than 5 centuries. Another locale has since been known as an important ruby source, Vietnam. Northern Vietnam, cloaked in a rainforest, produces purple-red and red rubies, as well as Southern Vietnam. Mines in Mozambique, Africa are praised for producing some incredibly fine rubies that rivaled the famed gems of Mogok. Rubies have been found in many places, including Thailand and Cambodia.

Mythological History:

Rubies were once called the “king of precious stones” in Ancient India due to their rare findings, their beauty, and their incredible hardness. Rubies were not only associated with love and passion for their red color but also blood- meaning a connection to one’s life force. Ancient times claimed the ruby could soothe anger, predict danger, cure inflammatory diseases, and even claimed they could make someone invincible during battle.

Photo Credit: Akhilesh Sharma via Unsplash.com

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