Is Your Ring the Right Fit For Your Finger?

Our bodies change on a daily basis, and we always say that your ring size is of the day. There are many elemental factors as well as your body’s natural chemistry that can alter the size of your fingers day to day. When we leave our jewelry on and seldom take it off, rings create snug little homes on the back of our fingers leaving our knuckles as an obstacle course to overcome. From skinny bands to wide bands, each ring size is unique and ever-changing.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Contrary to popular belief, we do not typically carry the same ring size throughout our whole lives. We also typically do not share the same ring size on our left hand as we do on our right hand. The theory is, whichever hand is your dominant hand- this hand will have larger ring sizes compared to your non dominant hand. In most cases, your left ring finger will be anywhere from 1/2 to 1 full sing size difference to your right ring finger! Wide bands that are a size 6, for example, will not fit the same as a slim size 6. Wider rings take up more space on your finger, trapping and conducting your body temperature which causes your finger to swell. 

Should You Resize Your Ring?

There are certain metals that cannot ever be sized again- these are tungsten carbide, stainless steel, and titanium. We would suggest straying from these metals altogether as if you were to injure your hand, arm, or finger, the ring wouldn’t be able to be removed. Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Sterling are malleable and are able to be cut off of the finger and resized time and time again. Our talented jeweler has the professional skillset to make alterations on your rings to ensure they are comfortably snug any season of life you may be in.

When To Resize

The best time to size your fingers will be in the dead of summer, typically June or July when the temperatures are at the year’s hottest. This will tell you the most inflamed your fingers will typically get whether it be from a salty meal or a hot day. Cool weather seasons are when our bodies are searching for heat and the least inflamed. Typically, winter is when our jewelry spins on our fingers. Sizing in the winter will have your fingers choking come summertime.

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