Packing for vacation can be stressful trying to decide between outfits and shoes, what jewelry to pair with your selections, and which jewelry to leave at home. Traveling comes with risks when it comes to jewelry. Depending on the destination, the activities you’ll experience, and how much attention you want to attract.

To Pack Or Not To Pack
First, you should consider whether or not you want to bring your prized pieces with you along your journey. Traveling poses risks such as misplacement, items slipping off, damage during transit, and even total loss. As you are selecting your outfits for your trip, try to pick minimal statement pieces that can be worn multiple times, or choose one main item to wear across the board. Minimizing your trinkets in travel will greatly reduce the risk of anything going awry.

Should you choose to bring multiple pieces (or your entire jewelry collection), consider opting to wrap and/or bag items individually vs all together. Some materials and stones are more durable than others and scratching, tangling, chipping, and cracking are all possible. Below, learn how to take care of your jewelry while traveling to prevent loss or damage.

One of the biggest no-nos is to put your jewelry in your checked bag. Instead, choose to wear your most precious jewelry and or store your favorite pieces in your carry-on bag in a concealed, secure place. The same goes for alternate travel types, keep your precious pieces as close to your person as you can or locked in your glove box to ensure it is secure.

When you get settled at your destination, store your items in a nondescript place. The hotel safes aren’t always reliable, they can malfunction and often there is a fail-safe code to universally unlock them. Leaving your items out in the open can lead to total loss, especially in hotels, resorts, and cruises where you will have daily housekeeping.

Always have your pieces insured. Jewelry insurance doesn’t protect the sentiment of an item, but it does protect your investment and can make you whole again by repairing, duplicating, or making you financially whole again.

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