How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry During The Summer


Whether your summer activities are enjoyed at the beach or the lake, summer fun can expose your jewelry to harsh elements and the risk of loss. Aside from daily activities like exercise and gardening that can damage your jewelry, summertime is one of the main culprits that poses certain risks to the quality and all-around safety of your jewelry.

Beaches, lakes, and pools are the most desired places to ride out the summer and these places happen to be the most notorious places where jewelry is lost, damaged, or becomes filthy. Rings can slip off in cooler temperatures or in the silkiness of the ocean. Diving, floating, swimming, and wave wading can result in necklaces or rings being there and then disappearing in a splash. We recommend protecting your jewelry by taking it off and storing it in a safe place before entering the water this summer. Opt for leaving your pieces disguised in your home or hotel room to keep them safe and dry.

The summer heat in the south drives you toward any welcoming pool meaning you’ll likely spend the majority of your free time in or around one. Chlorine takes the cake when it comes to jewelry damage. Most pools and hot tubs use chlorine to keep the water safe for recreational use, but it wreaks havoc on your precious metals and gemstones causing discoloration and the removal of finish and polish which creates a dull, dark result.

Beaches aren’t any better than chlorine because saltwater and its counterpart, sand, are always up to no good when it comes to precious metals and gemstones. Discoloration of metals is common, especially with rose gold. Rose gold will turn dramatically different in appearance due to the elements of gold and copper. Sand is highly abrasive and can scratch precious metals and can also wedge itself into your settings up the prongs and encourage stones to loosen.

Summer is full of sprays, lotions, and layering. Between bug spray, lotions, and sunscreen applications and reapplications- your jewelry will become clogged and cast with films and oils resulting in a dull shine and in need of a serious cleaning. Opt for removing your jewelry before or in between applications- or simply leave your items in a safe, dry, disguised place for safe keeping and preservation.

If you find your jewelry is in need of deep cleaning and a polish, we can assist you with a complimentary cleaning and prong checking. We can also assist you with polishing and rhodium plating services.

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