February Birthstone Guide

For centuries, amethysts have been set in religious jewelry and royal crown jewels as they were once considered equal in value to rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. You’ll often see amethysts in the royal coronation regalia of the British Royal Family. Amethyst is the official birthstone of February and is one of the emblems of the 12 apostles.


Amethyst is the traditional gift for a 6th wedding anniversary. Royals were fond of amethysts and often wore matching sets of elaborate jewelry studded with the stone. For the longest time, purple has been a true depiction of royalty. Amethysts can be found in pale lilacs to deep purple. 

Origin Story:

Prior to the 19th century, Russia was the largest source and supplier of amethyst until large deposits were found in Brazil. Amethysts were as rare as emeralds and rubies at one point. Today, South America and Africa are the ideal amethyst sources as well as Brazil. The United States is no stranger to the amethyst as it can be found just outside of Phoenix, Arizona in the Mazatzal Mountains. 

Mythological History:

Amethyst’s name comes from the Greek word amethystos. Amethystos means “a remedy against drunkenness”, a mystical attribute given to this stone. Amethysts can have a deep, wine-like hue. Because of this, in early Greek mythology amethysts were associated with the Greek God of Wine, Bacchus. In the olden days, battle armor was often adorned by amethysts as they were thought to keep the wearer quick-witted and clear-headed. Historically, royals have admired the deep purple hue of the February birthstone since at least the days of Alexander the Great. Amethyst lore also includes several claims to mystical powers, including that it would convey strength and wit to those who wore it. If you celebrate a February birthday, wearing an amethyst can be a symbol of personal empowerment and inner strength.

The Lore of celestial stones intrigues the mind and allows us to wander afar to another land of possibility and mystery. 

Gemstones hold a high seat throughout history for being admired, not only for their beauty and seemingly indestructible nature- But also for their mysticism, the rank of station symbolism, and their proposed metaphysical properties.

Photo Credit: Abigail H. via Unsplash.com

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