April Birthstone Guide

Glinting with dancing light, the diamond holds a high seat as the world’s most favored gemstone. Diamonds are revered for being able to stand the test of time, taking on the pressures of the world.


The diamond first came to fame in India, where diamonds were dredged from the Indian rivers and streams. The trade of diamonds is recorded back to the fourth century BCE and they were admired by royals and the wealthy upper class. It wasn’t long before diamonds were a common trade among exotic merchandise in the Italian markets. By the 1400s, the diamond was labeled as the “IT” fashion accessory by European elites. There are three main famous diamonds in history: Mary of Burgundy’s engagement ring, King Louis XIV of France’s blue Hope diamond, and the Great Star of Africa that is set in the British royal scepter with Cross.

Origin Story:

Diamonds were originally mined in India and began to show a decline in unearthing around the 1700s. At this point, gold miners in Brazil were sifting pans for gold and discovered their river banks were rich in diamond deposits. Brazil held the torch for diamond supplies for a solid 150 years. Fast forward a bit to the mid-1860s and the torch was then passed to South Africa. South Africa was studded with diamonds, so much so that it stirred the market for the modern-day diamond market. Nowadays, diamonds are mined all over the world.

Mythological History:

Diamonds are thought to offer spiritual protection to their wearer and are known in holistic history to aid in the prevention of stomach aches and improve the vital organs of the body by cellular regeneration. Diamonds are also said to be profound at opening the crown chakra. Diamonds are the official birthstone of April. The diamond symbolizes light, life, and purity. Once upon a time, the diamond was believed to be an antidote to poisons and offer protection against the plague.

The Lore of celestial stones intrigues the mind and allows us to wander afar to another land of possibility and mystery. 

Gemstones hold a high seat throughout history for being admired, not only for their beauty and seemingly indestructible nature- But also for their mysticism, the rank of station symbolism, and their proposed metaphysical properties.

Photo Credit: Eve Maier via Unsplash.com

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